Vaccine and Mask Responsibility

PLEASE don’t be that person whom I’ve triaged at the ER in alarmingly increasing numbers today, who is sicker than a dog with COVID because you are unvaccinated, and then allow your unvaccinated family member to yell at me because they are no longer allowed to visit you due to a new state mandate.
We, your healthcare workers, who have taken an oath to care for you, are extremely burned out, and this surge has only just begun. Your angry family member, who is likely positive for COVID but has minimal symptoms, is not using precautions or masking up when out and about and is exposing countless others.
I am normally a very positive person, and I try not to post anything that causes division, but my mind is blown, and any hope I had left is now dashed. I get it that you believe you have a “right” to not get a vaccine, but along with that right comes responsibility. If you are that person, PLEASE see beyond your views and beliefs, do not socialize, wear a mask at all times when you must go out in public, talk to your friends and families about the realities of this global emergency and cheer for yourself and them if and when new insight changes your minds to ask for a vaccine. Lastly, please be kind and understanding toward those of us who are trying to save your lives.

Linda Martin
Los Osos

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