Vote ‘No’ on Harbor Tax

When I first moved to Morro Bay in 1999 the Harbor Dept. was financially very well off.  

Now they are saying they are broke and need money badly for repairs.  Where did all that money go?  

Why weren’t they repairing things a little each year?  Was it because the Harbor Director kept changing and no one followed the money?

The mayor wants to put a tax on property owners to pay for the Harbor repairs, with no end of the tax stated, and it increases every year.  I say NO!!

In the past two Estero Bay News I have read articles about the Harbor Dept. receiving money for repairs.  With that money and the money they get each year from leases they could do a lot.  But will they??

No, if they can get more money out of increased property tax.

Under most of this council, the cost of living in Morro Bay has increased to the point of it being difficult, if not impossible, for the average family to live here or buy a home here.

Our sewer rates have gone up and with all the change orders (over 75) they will probably go up some more, garbage has doubled, utilities have increased, sales tax has increased and now they want to increase our property tax.  

The initiative is B 22, watch for it and vote NO.

Ann Reisner
Morro Bay

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