Vote Pierson and Gray

As proud residents of Cambria for more than two decades, we are pleased to support two outstanding candidates for the Cambria Community Services District Board this year:  David Pierson and Tom Gray.  
Each has served our community with distinction and each is prepared to continue to work with diverse community interest groups to find workable solutions to our local problems.  These are intelligent, hard-working individuals who encourage civil discourse; they listen well and they treat all citizens with dignity.  They are the kind of “good government” leaders we need during the challenging times in which we live.

Like many others in our town, we are particularly concerned about two significant challenges that Cambria faces:  (a) we need infrastructure to provide a sustainable water supply and (b) we need good fire protection/forest management programs.  We are confident that David Pierson and Tom Gray will provide the leadership needed to bring the town together with sound solutions to these issues. 
Bob and Susan Detweiler

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