Voting ‘No Confidence’ Over WRF Costs

The City of Morro Bay provided an “estimate at completion” of the new sewer plant at the May Public Works Advisory meeting: $160 million. 

Wasn’t the contract for a “not to exceed” $126 million? That’s an additional $34 million, before they figure in operational costs. 

As a voter, my vote will reflect a “no confidence” in any incumbent that’s up for election this year — either in the June Primary or Fall General Election. 

The lack of financial accountability by this City Council is staring us in the face. Their hands-off approach lacks respect for the pocketbooks of the people they serve.

Please keep the pressure on City Council to review these contacts, say no to change orders, and stand by their promise to the ratepayers. They can be contacted through their emails posted on the City website or at public meetings the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at the Vet’s Hall.

Barry Branin

Morro Bay

Editor’s note: As of May 20, the City Council returned all its public meetings to online, virtual meetings due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

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