YES on Measure B-22 – Facts Matter

The sponsors of Measure B-22 are focused on facts, and given that, would like to respond to Letters to the Editor in the October 6 edition of the EBN (Vol.4, Issue 19).  

One writer stated the Measure B-22 parcel tax “…it can only be changed or rescinded.” by a vote of the people.  That is correct, but the writer failed to mention that any three members of the Morro Bay City Council can put a Measure on the ballot at any time to rescind the parcel tax. Common sense suggests asking voters to rescind any type of tax would pass easily.

The writer goes on to state that if the money the City’s General Fund charges the Harbor Department for internal services rendered (stated as $300K to $350K per year) was reduced, there would be more money for infrastructure. In fact, in the current fiscal year the charged amount is $238K.  The Harbor Department does not have the personnel with the expertise to preform financial services, legal services, HR services, trash removal and janitorial services seven days a week. It is more cost effective to use the City’s staff to perform these services. The State law that allows cities to charge Enterprise Funds for these services has been in place since 1993. and is reviewed every three years by an independent firm.

Another writer to the October 6 edition of EBN seems to have missed the entire point of Measure B-22. The ballot’s legal text clearly states the Measure is not “for repairs on the Embarcadero created by tourist…” (whatever those might be) but rather to protect the City’s Harbor and Waterfront basic infrastructure (rock revetments and seawalls supporting the shoreline, piers, docks, the launch ramp, etc.) from the harsh and hostile marine environment.  Further, the Measure’s legal text clearly defines how funds generated by the parcel tax can be spent – ONLY on the maintenance, repair and improvement of this same infrastructure. 

Homer Alexander, Bill Luffee, 

Ron Reisner Morro Bay

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