Six Named Athletes of the Month for April

Written by Estero Bay News

April 26, 2024

The Morro Bay High School Athletic Boosters Club has named six student athletes with Athlete of the Month Honors for April 2024.

“As the Spring sport season is in full swing at Morro Bay High School,” the Boosters said, “the MBHS Athletic Boosters would like to commend all coaches and athletes that are representing our school. The commitment and dedication to your sport is commendable. Go Pirates!”

Athletes honored for April are: Quentin Crotts, Marley Socarras, Jade Andres, Jackson Hanson, Wendy Wilson and Otis Kelly.


Pirates baseball coach, Jared Zill named Quentin Crotts as Athlete of the Month. 

shares the following about Quentin Crotts, 

“Crotts has been our most consistent player so far this year,” Coach Zill said. “Crotts shows up to practice every day with a positive attitude and is always the first guy to volunteer to help out around the field. A quieter kid that leads by example.”

Swimming and Diving

Coach Jim White from the swim and diving team named Ella Meyer as Athlete of the Month. 

“Ella is a freshman at Morro Bay High School currently competing in swimming and diving for the spring sports season. Even though it’s her freshman junior varsity season, Ella has already produced some impressive athletic performances and competitive times that have her competing at the same level as some of her varsity teammates. She has demonstrated a dedicated work ethic and is always a supportive presence to her teammates. Ella has had a strong start to her athletic career at MBHS and we look forward to seeing her growth going forward. Congratulations Ella!”

Girls Beach Volleyball

Girls’ Beach Volleyball Coach Kate Yarbrough named Marley Socarras and Jade Andres Athletes of the Month.

Coach Yarbrough said of Socarras and Andres, “Marley has played most of our season at the Varsity No. 1 seed — the highest rank — and has handled the competition and pressure with a calm confidence. Only a sophomore, Marley plays with a very advanced understanding of the game as shown in her physical athleticism, communication on and off the court, and quick decision-making skills.

“She perfectly balances brawns with brains and is the player on our squad who is never seen without a smile on her face. Her coaches and peers respect her abilities, dedication, and attitude and she is someone we are proud to have representing and leading our program.

Her other choice, Andres, does it all. “Jade is one of the most considerate, thoughtful, and cerebral players we have on our team this year,” Coach Yarbrough said. “She is the first to help set up, pack up, and offer to help in any way possible. Her team-centered mindset is exactly what our program hopes to instill in growing players, and Jade reminds us every day to care for each other and take care of each other.”

She understands the game well. “During practices,” the coach said, “her questions are specific and show a deep understanding of the game. Coupled with her incredible speed and agility, Jade has come out as a formidable opponent and highly valued teammate.

“When she is not contributing to wins, she is constantly contributing to our positive outlook, abilities to believe in ourselves, and validation that there is no substitute for hard work and a good work ethic.”

Boys Tennis

Boys’ Tennis Team Coach Jason Hanson named Jackson Hanson Athlete of the Month. A senior, Hanson, “is team captain and undefeated in singles in Ocean League tennis,” Coach Hanson said.

Coach Jennifer Frere honored girls standout, Wendy Wilson and boys distance runner, Otis Kelly with Athlete of the Month.

“Wendy is our 800 meters leader this season,” Coach Frere said. “She also runs the 400m, 200m, 1600m, and is the anchor for our 4x800m relay. 

Wilson has a great work ethic. “She is a leader in workouts and always has a positive attitude,” Coach Frere said. “She is a fierce competitor and is skilled at running specific paces to run her fastest times. We are looking forward to seeing how far Wendy can go in competition this season.”

Kelly, a State Meet Qualifier in Cross Country last season, is going the distance for the Pirates on the track. “Otis is specializing in the 1600m and 3200m this season,” Coach Frere said. “He has improved his speed by racing the 800m this season as well. He always wants to do more in practice and is willing to put in the work he needs to get stronger and faster. He brings the team together and is looking forward to CIF.”

His collegiate future is already set. “Otis has committed to Cal Poly Humboldt to run Cross Country and Track,” Coach Frere said, “and major in geospatial science.”

Estero Bay News congratulates all the honorees for April 2024 and wishes them and their respective teams continued success the rest of the season.

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