Abalone History Film Now Available

Abalone History Film at the Bay Theater

Written by Estero Bay News

September 10, 2021

In the photo, producer Lori Mather, celebrates the marquee announcement at The Bay Theater. Photo courtesy Maritime Museum Association.

Hot off a rousingly successful premiere, a documentary by a local filmmaker on Morro Bay’s history with the abalone fishery, is now available to purchase or rent online or on disc from the Morro Bay Maritime Museum.

Museum Association President, Scott Mather said the movie, “Morro Bay — ‘Once’ the Abalone Capital of the World,” produced by his wife, Lori Mather of Lori Mather Video Service, which debuted Aug. 22 at The Bay Theater, can be had in electronic form or on disc.

That debut, which sold out quickly, saw many of Morro Bay’s pioneering families turn out to watch their relatives and friends come to life once again in photos, and 16mm movies shot by Glen Bickford, who moved from Iowa as a boy, and joined the abalone fishery documenting the exploits of hardhat divers both above and below the surface of the sea.

Scott Mather said if anyone wants to buy or rent the movie they can do so through the Museum Association’s website, see: www.maritimemuseum.org. Readers can buy a DVD at the Maritime Museum, located at 1210 Embarcadero (look for the giant submarine), or call Bonnie Jones at (602) 526-4367.

All proceeds from the sales and rentals of the movie will benefit the Maritime Museum.

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