Keeping Up with Morro Bay in Bloom Plant California Native Plants this Spring

Written by Estero Bay News

April 22, 2022

Species of plants that are native to California require much less water than most ornamental plants, require no chemical inputs and can look good year-round with proper care. In light of the small amount of rainfall received this rainy season, Morro Bay in Bloom volunteers are committed to installing as many California native plants as possible at the seven Morro Bay common areas for which they provide care.

The following is a partial list of California native plants that are performing at the sites for which Morro Bay in Bloom provides care:

• Lupinus arboreus – yellow coastal bush lupine

• Salvia spathacea – hummingbird sage

• Eriogonum fasciculatum – California buckwheat

• Mimulus aurantiacus – bush monkeyflower or sticky monkeyflower

• Achillea millefolium – yarrow ‘Sonoma Coast’ variety

Morro Bay in Bloom volunteers garden as a group on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Folks are always welcome to garden when they can. No long-term commitments are expected. The following is the calendar of group gardening locations for May (rain at 8:30 a.m. cancels the session):

Wednesday, May 4: Corner of Beach and Front Streets.

Saturday, May 7: No session. Cruisin’ Morro Bay Car Show.

Wednesday, May 11: Corner of Beach and Front Streets.

Saturday, May 14: Corner of Harbor Street and Piney Way (695 Harbor St.). 

Wednesday, May 18: Corner of Beach and Front Streets.

Saturday, May 21: Centennial Parkway (meet at outdoor chess board).

Wednesday, May 25: Corner of Beach and Front Streets.

Saturday, May 28: Morro Bay Boulevard Roundabout (meet at Sinclair gas station).

For more information, contact Walter Heath at

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