‘Mayor’s’ Emails Keep Cambria Informed

Kim Maston

Written by Jill Turnbow

April 23, 2020

Kim Maston enjoying one of her favorite activities, before the lockdown.  Photo submitted

It was in 2006 when realtor, Kim Maston, was elected the unofficial “Mayor” of Cambria. At the time Kim and her husband, Rob, owned a local frame shop and were active in several community organizations. So it was a natural fit for Kim to run for office, so to speak.

For decades the local chapter of the Lion’s Club had sponsored a race as a fundraiser for the area Teen Center. Every two years, several residents would seek the “office” by raising money and the one with the largest donation would win. Kim won that year in a landslide. The Teen Center has since closed and the campaigns are no longer needed, so that left Kim the Mayor in Perpetuity, according to the Lion’s Club.

But Kim doesn’t mind. Though she no longer has to show up for ribbon cuttings or parades, she does retain the informative email blasts, “A Message from the Mayor.”
Maston says she started the emails during her “reign” merely to announce local events, to keep locals informed of what was happening in the community.

“My email list has grown to almost 4000 people,” said Kim. “And now, due to our current COVID-19 lockdown, I feel it has become more important to relay updates on our situation and helpful tips. Besides, there are no events happening right now.”

Kim is humbled by the responses she gets from her subscribers. She recently received an email from long-time resident, Marian King, who said, “You are, hands down, the best mayor we’ve ever had. Love your informative emails. Keep ‘em comin’.”

Many have expressed that they wouldn’t know what was going on in town if it wasn’t for the mayor’s emails. For many Cambrians it is their only source to learn about events, concerts, plays, or fundraisers. Non-profits were quick to start submitting their organization’s information. Kim would typically send out emails a couple of times a week, more in the summer months, and now she continues that schedule, despite the lack of events, keeping people informed of restaurant delivery schedules, food bank information, where you can get a free mask, and other information important to the community.

“It’s time consuming but it’s worth it, I think,” she said. “I want to share what I think people need, but in a neutral way. Staying positive and helpful.”

Maston also stays active in organizations such as University Women and the Cambria Fishing Club.

Currently, daily life hasn’t changed too much for Kim and her husband, “First Guy” Rob. As realtors, they can both work from home and continue to stay on top of the changes in the real estate market. But they are getting a respite as well. “We take walks, and cook a little more, and we’re taking moments in the day to sit outside and enjoy the views. Cambria is not a bad place to quarantine.”

If you would like to get on Mayor Kim’s email list or have an event or information you would like to share, email her at mayor@Cambrialiving.com.

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