Tree Planted at St. Benedict’s Church

Written by Estero Bay News

March 26, 2021

Wendy McKeown and Paul Hershfield prepare to plant a New Zealand Christmas tree at St. Benedict’s Church of Los Osos.

On a sunny afternoon in late February Los Osos got a little greener. Two non-profits joined forces and planted a New Zealand Christmas tree at St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church in Los Osos.
The project involved Wendy McKeown, Vita Miller, and John Mottmann of the Los Osos Valley Garden Club (LOVGC), and Paul Hershfield of Los Osos Bear Roots (LOBR).

The New Zealand Christmas tree newly planted at St. Benedict’s Church of Los Osos.

The 7 ft. tree was relocated from the LOVGC president’s property to make room for a new deck and transplanted to the church site. Hershfield constructed a gopher basket onsite to enclose the roots, and stakes were utilized to secure the stability of the tree in this windy location.
The LOVGC and LOBR welcome all members of the public to join their organizations, to learn and take part in healthy outdoor activities that beautify and enhance area surroundings with plants and trees. More information about these organizations can be found on their websites:
Los Osos Valley Garden Club:
Los Osos Bear Roots:
Thanks go out to Liz Maruska of the Earthcare Committee of St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church for inviting the addition of trees on the church property.

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