Zongo Yachting Cup Recap

Sailboats racing the Zongo Cup 2021

Written by Estero Bay News

August 26, 2021

The Zongo Cup, an annual ocean race/cruise from Morro Bay to Avila Beach, hosted by the Morro Bay Yacht Club, has become a favorite among Central Coast sailors over the past years. Landlubbers and sailors alike enjoy the wrap-up party featuring a performance from Zongo All-Stars. Even with the pandemic, the 12th annual event was a great success.

The sailing race took place with light to moderate air on Saturday, August 13, with 21 miles of sailing from a foggy Morro Bay to a sunny Avila Beach.
There were 13 entries, all PHRF/monohull, that started the race. Due to light air and most racers wanting to get down to Avila for the party, put on by the San Luis Yacht Club, all but one boat made it to Avila.


First Place -Cruising ClassHigh Five/Farr 40 with Skipper Tony Gomez and time of 3:16:21/corrected time of 4:17:24. This trophy goes to the first boat crossing the finish line by any means — sail, motor, paddle and row.
First PlaceJanina/Santa Cruz 27 with skippers Mark Hilden and John Krossa and a finish time of 3:23:42/corrected time of 3:35:24.
Second PlaceFear Knot/Holder 20 with Skipper Kevin Williams and a finish time of 3:49:25 /corrected time of 3:44:19.
Third PlaceHigh Five/Farr 40 with Skipper Tony Gomez and a finish time of 3:16:21/corrected time of 4:17:24.
Award Winners
GuayacanAlden Schooner 43/PHRF 291 – Skipper Judith Lynn Meissen – finished at 4:01:50
WindRunnerNewport 28 MKII/PHRF 192 – Skipper Larry Purcell – finished at 4:14:00
Second WindCatalina 30/PHRF 192 – Skipper Thomas McNeill – finished at 5:23:00
Spirit85 Beneteau Idylle/PHRF 126 – Skipper Jon Hovdal – finished at 5:53:00
Cruising Class Times

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