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Bank Building Sold to Coffee Company

A family-owned coffee house company has bought the former Bank of America building at the corner of Morro Bay Boulevard and Monterey Avenue, announcing plans to turn it into a coffee roasting plant, coffee shop, bakery and restaurant. Jon and Sara Peterson, a...

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Giving Through Gleaning

 A group of food rescuers volunteer at a local farm with GleanSLO to provide fresh produce to people in need. The number of people in need of food assistance made a sharp increase during the pandemic and has been steady since, yet every year millions of pounds of food...

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Voters Elect New Mayor, Councilwoman

Morro Bay voters handed a decisive win to a former councilwoman, picking her over the incumbent, 2-term Mayor, and the City will have an entirely female, City Council for the first time in town history; those were the surprise results in the Nov. 8 General Election....

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County to Cloud Seed Over Lopez Lake

San Luis Obispo County is trying something new this year, and for three subsequent years, to try and maximize rainfall and hopefully help fill up one of the county’s main water reservoirs. In October, County Supervisors approved awarding of a 3-year, $342,000 per year...

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Short Term Contract Inked for HHW Facility

People who use the household hazardous waste facility in Morro Bay will have a few more months of operations before a major change is needed. The City of Morro Bay, Cayucos Sanitary District, and County Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA), inked a 10-year...

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Concert Series Will Be Funded

A free concert series begun over the summer and put on by the City and a local non-profit group will get funding after all, which is prompting Estero Bay News to do a follow up article to correct the record. Last issue’s story about the concert series at Tidelands...

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1,200 Acres of Diablo Land Preserved

Map shows the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in blue and the 1,200-acres site that now has a deed restriction over it, in the lower right in red. The first sizable chunk of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant property has been taken out of play for future development, Pacific...

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Survey on New Police Chief

Morro Bay will soon get a new police chief but first, the City is asking residents to weigh in on what qualities and experience the next top cop should have. The City will be advertising the position soon and City Manager, Scott Collins will be the one hiring a new...

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Los Osos Water Well to Switch to Monitoring

Los Osos’ concerns over the status of its groundwater basin will get some added monitoring power, after the Community Services District Board approved repurposing an old water well. The LOCSD Board of Directors voted to change so-called LA 13, located between Ferrell...

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Early Storm Brought Needed Rain

Morro Bay got a good soaking of rain last week in the first big storm to blow through in the newly started rainy season. Tracy McConnell, the administrative technician at the Fire Department, who tracks rainfall for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

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