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Bank Building Sold to Coffee Company

A family-owned coffee house company has bought the former Bank of America building at the corner of Morro Bay Boulevard and Monterey Avenue, announcing plans to turn it into a coffee roasting plant, coffee shop, bakery and restaurant. Jon and Sara Peterson, a...

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New Eateries on the Embarcadero

Changes continue to be made in Morro Bay’s culinary offerings, with several new restaurants opening up. Changes have come in the Downtown and the city’s busiest tourism area the Embarcadero, which has seen five new eateries open relatively recently. There’s also a...

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CEC Says Diablo Canyon Should Stay Open

Not many things can go from pariah to Godsend, but the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant might be one of them. The California Energy Commission became the latest government entity to agree that Diablo Canyon should stay open to support the power grid’s reliability....

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Failed Storm Drain was Rusted Away

A failed storm drain along the Embarcadero that caused the roadway to sink revealed a major issue with the old drainpipe, prompting the City to want to take a closer look at the condition of other storm drains in town. City Engineer Eric Riddiough told Estero Bay News...

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LOCSD Out for Bids on New Water Main

Los Osos’ first new production water well is getting ready to award a construction contract that will add the water to the Community Services District’s portfolio and take one more step in the battle against seawater intrusion. The LOCSD’s Board of Directors was...

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Used EV Rebate Program Offered

A new rebate program aims to make owning a used electric vehicle easier on the pocketbook but the clock is ticking to take advantage of the program. Pacific Gas & Electric has nearly $80 million to handout through its “Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle Rebate Program,”...

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County to Spend Monies for Road Studies

San Luis Obispo County is spending over $1.7 million on studies for roads projects including a study of Los Osos Valley Road from Los Osos to San Luis Obispo. County Supervisors were asked to create five new “capital projects” using some $1.7 million in funding from...

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City Wants to Study Transit System

Morro Bay wants to take a new look at it public transit system hoping to land a grant to pay for the work. The City Council approved applying for a Rural Transit Fund grant for some $60,000 out of a pool of $715,000 available in competitive grants distributed by the...

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