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Bank Building Sold to Coffee Company

A family-owned coffee house company has bought the former Bank of America building at the corner of Morro Bay Boulevard and Monterey Avenue, announcing plans to turn it into a coffee roasting plant, coffee shop, bakery and restaurant. Jon and Sara Peterson, a...

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Out & About 11-2-2023

A Salamacha Five Star Review: Cayucos Author Dell Franklin Hits It Out of the Park! Dell Franklin’s latest book is a must read for fans of baseball and family relationships.  There were three reasons I instantly wanted to read Dell Franklin’s second published...

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Osos Welcome sign and Bear Renovated

Before and after photos of the welcome sign to Los Osos, which was refurbished by a volunteers with Celebrate Los Osos.   Photo by Pandora Nash-Karner While most bears are preparing to tuck into dens for the next several months, one very welcoming bear in Los Osos is...

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Companies Claim Property Tax Refunds

Three local companies have filed claims against San Luis Obispo County, charging that they were overcharged for their property taxes by SLO County dating back to the 2018-19, with one claim for a whopping $1.11 million. County Supervisors rejected each of the claims...

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Supervisors Vote to Rejoin Garbage Agency

The County will rejoin a regional agency that deals with garbage and recycling, a couple of years after Supervisors voted to exit the agency amidst corruption and embezzlement allegations. A split Board of Supervisors voted to reverse a previous decision to exit from...

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Health Agency Admin to Move

The County is building a new home for the Health Agency on Johnson Avenue in San Luis Obispo, and in the meantime, the department’s admin staffers will move into new temporary digs. County Supervisors approved a contract to lease a 2,400 square foot office space for...

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