A Message from the 2023 Morro Bay Chamber Board Chairperson

Written by Estero Bay News

January 13, 2023

By Ray Riordan

Happy New Year! As the 2023 Morro Bay Chamber Board Chairman, I want to lay out a bit of my vision as we head into this exciting new year. But first, a little background:

The Morro Bay Chamber Board spent countless hours over the last few months developing a strategic plan that is second to none. It is a road map for working on behalf of our members and in service of a prosperous and well-informed business community. The plan is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and has a true timeline to hold us accountable. 

So what is my vision for the Chamber knowing that we have such a great plan to execute?  It is fairly simple:

• We will outwork and outthink anything that presents an obstacle to the success of our business community. I know we aren’t guaranteed consensus on every issue, but if something makes your register ring and provides jobs and housing for your workers while keeping our community safe, beautiful, and resilient, I think we will have far more to agree on than debate against. If we do reach an impasse, we will do everything we can to follow the Lennon/McCartney philosophy – “We Can Work It Out!”

• We will over-communicate. With a background in journalism, I have learned that a well-informed population makes the best decisions. The worst thing for our community is to have factually incorrect statements or opinions repeated without an attempt to reconcile and build consensus. We will over-communicate, but we will also over-listen!

• We will take it personally. We all love this community and when anything happens that hurts one of us – it hurts all of us. It is my intention to set foot in every business in Morro Bay in 2023. Some will be members of the Chamber, and some will not, but all Morro Bay businesses are part of the community with voices that need to be heard.

• We will always stay “Humble and Kind.” Those of you that know me, know I live a lot of my life through music. No matter who I deal with, I have always found a common denominator in well-written lyrics and melodies. I am personally blessed (as is the membership) that we have experts in almost every aspect of business — all with many years of high-level leadership experience — on our 2023 Board, Governmental Affairs Committee, and Ambassadors Committee. I know what I don’t know. Lucky for us to have experts in our ranks that do, and who share their knowledge with humility and kindness.

There is a lot going on in our little community. We can balance the authenticity and charm of yesterday’s Morro Bay with the potential of what tomorrow brings, as long as we build a lasting trust with each of you. 

Please consider getting in touch with our professional Chamber staff by emailing info@morrochamber.org. Or, give us a follow on social media. We have a limited series in Q1 2023 about fostering a strong community that is open to the public and you are invited. Go to morrochamber.org to register. 

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