County Seeks $7.4 Million in SB1 Projects

Written by Estero Bay News

July 1, 2020

San Luis Obispo County has formalized a list of roads that will get resurfaced under the State’s Senate Bill 1 program for routine maintenance, and Cayucos will see most of its residential streets fixed.

The SB1 2020/21 projects list totals some $7.4 million and will be sent to the California Transportation Commission for final approval.

Called the “Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017,” SB1 was signed into law in April 2017 and intended to address deferred maintenance on State highways and local road systems, according to an April 21 County staff report.

SB1 was the first increase in the State gas taxes since 1991, and added a 12-cents-per-gallon tax on gasoline and a 20-cents-a-gallon tax on diesel fuel.

Vehicle registration and use fees were also hiked, according to the County’s report.

“SB1 raises approximately $5 billion annually in California,” the County report said, “with half of the revenue going to local jurisdictions for their maintenance needs. SB1 provides funds for road maintenance and rehabilitation, traffic safety, traffic control devices, and complete street components. To receive SB1 State funds, the County is required to adopt, by resolution, a list of projects at a public meeting.”

Among the repairs is 19.5 total miles of repaving in Nipomo (12.6 miles), San Miguel (1.2 mi.), and rural west Paso Robles (5.7 mi.).

Roads to be surface treated (slurry sealed) total 59.4 mi. with 8.4 mi. in rural west Paso Robles; 16 mi. in rural east Templeton; 21.7 mi. in rural Cayucos and Morro Bay; and 13.3 miles of Cayucos’ residential streets that includes all the streets to the west and east of Ocean Avenue.

It also includes the length of Ocean Avenue from Hwy 1 junction through town to the Hwy 1 south on ramp at 13th Street, as well as the streets off Cass Avenue.

Most of Southern Cayucos — off Ocean Boulevard and Studio Drive — are not included in this round of work, with the exception of a short portion of Old Creek Road starting at the highway, as well as one block each on Shearer and Flores Avenues on the east side of Hwy 1.

The County also shows Old Creek Road being resurfaced from Montecito Creek Road all the way to Hwy 46, plus a segment of Santa Rita Road where it connects with Old Creek.

There’s also a lengthy segment of Cayucos Creek Road near Picachio Road that is slated for surfacing.

In rural Morro Bay the roads to be resurfaced include Toro Creek Road, San Bernardo Creek Road and Little Morro Creek Road.

Of the $7.4M the County expects to get from SB1 this year, $2.2M will pay for overlays on North County roads; $4.4M for overlays on South County roads; and $800,000 for the surface treatments.

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