Earthy Water Taste is Harmless

Written by Estero Bay News

October 21, 2021

The seemingly annual slug of funky tasting drinking water has flowed again to Morro Bay, courtesy of high temps in the Sacramento Delta.
The City issued a notice to residents on Oct. 8 explaining why their water tastes “earthy” like dirt.

“The City of Morro Bay receives State Water from the Central Coast Water Authority,” reads the notice from the water department, “and typically once a year this water has harmless algae compounds called Geosmin.

“Geosmin is caused by high temperatures, which creates ideal conditions for blue-green algae blooms in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, affecting State Water Project customers, including the City.”

The notice describes the funky water as having “an earth smell and taste” and assures that it is not harmful at the levels present in your tap water.
And, “These compounds do not affect the water quality; City water continues to meet all Federal and State drinking water standards. The City water supply remains safe for consumption and use.”

The taste will probably affect people differently, as everybody has a different level of sensitivity. And it can be filtered out.
“Drinking water carbon filter systems, i.e., Brita filter, or chilling the water will help eliminate the taste and odor issues,” the City said. “Also, the City is making operational changes where possible to reduce the odor and taste impacts of Geosmin.”
If residents have questions, call Damaris Hanson at 805-772-6265.

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