Man Falls from Hwy 101 Overpass

Written by Estero Bay News

December 1, 2022

The Highway Patrol is investigating a homeless man who fell from an overpass onto Hwy 101 in San Luis Obispo and was seriously injured.

According to a news release from CHP spokesman, Ofc. Miguel Alvarez, CHP got multiple 9-1-1 calls at noon on Thursday, Nov. 17 of a pedestrian down in the No. 1 lane (fast lane) of Northbound Hwy 1 at Santa Rosa St., in SLO. 

Arriving CHP officers determined that the man was a transient from the SLO area, who was on the Santa Rosa Street overpass and “had fallen on the US-101 Northbound,” Ofc. Alvarez said. 

Paramedics responded to the scene to treat the man. He was transported to Sierra Vista Hospital with major injuries, but he apparently miraculously survived what has to be a 30-plus foot fall onto a concrete highway. He was also apparently not hit by any vehicles. CHP is investigating the incident.

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