Running Water Not a Concern

Written by Estero Bay News

January 28, 2022

If readers have noticed water running down Quintana Road and Kings Avenue and think to call the authorities, never mind, it’s the City draining a main water tank in advance of a re-sealing project.

On Friday, Jan. 21, the City Water Department announced that it had begun draining one of its Kings Avenue water storage tanks of the remaining de-chlorinated water from the bottom of the tank.

“The tank is being emptied in preparation for a tank recoating and rehabilitation project,” the news release said, “and the City is only draining out the remaining water from the bottom of the tank.” The water was predicted to simply run down the street into storm drains and should not be a problem.

Ordinarily, under drought conditions like now, the City enacts restrictions on usage, one of which is a prohibition of watering that sends a stream down the gutters of city streets. 

This could be caused by anything from ill-set lawn sprinklers, to someone washing their vehicle but possibly a water line break.

Anyone seeing running water in the gutters should report it to the water department, because if there is a leak, they want to get on with repairs as soon as possible.

The Kings Street tank draining was estimated to last a week.

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