Speed Limit Suggestions

Written by Sullivan

September 7, 2023

I will say I am very happy about the fact that they have change the speed limit from Palisades all the way to MDO to 35 miles an hour, but I am somewhat frustrated that they did not take care of the problem at the other end of town where there are three senior, mobile home parks with seniors, trying to get out onto LOVR with people doing in excess of 55 miles an hour what should be a 35 mile an hour zone. 

Hopefully they can consider this area and change the speed limit to 35 miles an hour as you are entering town and continue to MDO with that speed limit. I would also like them to consider S. Bay Blvd. to either be 35 to 40 miles an hour except for where the school is located to go from 25 to 55 miles an hour on the road with many tourist bicycles attractions. It’s not a good idea if it says 55 people will be doing 65. I know that for a fact we need to lower the speed limits all around town in and out of town and then enforce it.

I don’t know who else to tell this to so I’m telling it to you from a concerned citizen who lives in the senior citizen park Sea Oaks. Thank you for listening.

Paula Harrill

Los Osos

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