A Visitor to Morro Bay

My wife and I just returned from Morro Bay on Friday, having stayed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Best Western – San Marcos. Good value. Three years ago, Mgr. Stacey gave me an aeonium plant cutting to take home, which was, of course, promptly stolen. However, she had earlier told me about the Garden Gallery down the street, and the purple one I bought two years ago is still alive and has given us 10 new flower heads in this 100°+ Bakersfield heat. I bought four more this past week, to replace the stolen green one. 

 My wife spent $40 at the Shell Shop for some wind chimes for the bedroom. She loves propping her herself up on the hotel bed and surf new TV channels with the remote, while I go to the “T” piers with my 40” crab net (the South pier is the best). I use rubber bands and chicken legs for bait. Finally, there are baby crabs! In three days, I probably caught and released 80-90 tiny 2” ones and 5-6 that were 3-4”. I hope they live to grow and avoid being eaten, along with any new Pismo clam recruits.

 When we go to Morro Bay and I’m away from the house, I can get some important things taken care of. ASAP Reprographics helped me get some valuable pictures out of my Android cellphone and onto some 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10” copies. To say thanks, I bought a lot of extra stuff that I will eventually use, someday.

I can find Albertson’s walking backwards, with my hands tied behind my back, in the dark. Pam-I-Am in their Starbucks is amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a member of Mensa.

Since Radio Shack moved out of Bakersfield, I always hit Coast Electronics in PR and MB. I get my digital AM/FM stereo headphones that are outstanding for $60. In three years I have always brought some RS headphones back home, and now have eight new-in-box ones now that probably will last the rest of my 68 year-old life, but one never knows, so I always buy extras. Two years ago, I finally got an extension cord for my car’s video camera, after having it on my to-do list for a long time. Coast Electronics saved the day, again. Sweet.

One of the guys in the RS MB store is good friends with a helicopter mechanic at the Kern County Sheriff’s Dept. who lives close to the airport, near me. Inside, I saw a Morro Bay Police Officer and tried to get him to transfer to Kern County Sheriff’s Dept. and get a $10,000 lateral transfer bonus, but, of course, he declined, with a smile. “I like it here,” he said. I understood. “He used to be one of our Explorer Scouts,” said RS clerk Woody. He looked like a great cop, and young, too.

I loved reading about that Nomad’s super-yacht stats. I did not know until I looked it up that there are different units of measure for a liter, depending on if it is the Imperial British/Canadian (4.546 liters per gallon) or the International measure (3.7854 liters per gallon) It is a substantial difference, enough to matter. It works out to .17 MPG per nautical mile or so. Thanks for mentioning their $100,00+ tender boat. With those four big motors, they could probably tow it if they run out of fuel. I’ll bet they have a battery back-up, too.

The Souvenir yacht at the north “T” “pier has beautiful interior wood. The new owner of four months said it was 100 years old, salvaged, and re-purposed by the previous owner. I asked him, “What’s your home port?” “I don’t know, yet,” he said. “We’ve been here a couple months.” Get him to call MB her home port. He pays $45 a day to tie up. 

The best job I ever had was working for a company that delivered the LA Times from their Northridge plant to the distributors in different California towns. I had the Coast route once and will never forget getting lost in the MB fog. 

Nice job on all the advertising inches! Pound for pound, you are mightier than Cliff Chandler’s The Bakersfield Californian, which is printed over in Palmdale and trucked to Bakersfield, They have to deal with snow, sometimes.

I am a fan of the Estero Bay News. Thank you for your time.

Matthew Clinton Jett 

Oildale, California

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