A Lot of Help

uring a September 11, 2021 community event, Morro Bay Beautiful and the City held a 20th anniversary remembrance of 9/11 and honored our first responders. The event also celebrated the Founding of Morro Bay 150 years ago, and celebrated Morro Bay Beautiful’s 40th Anniversary. One big community party for all three occasions!

At this event, Morro Bay Beautiful unveiled the beautiful puzzle of Morro Bay created by renowned artist Eric Dowdle. Eric attended the event for the unveiling, and to present a video his company made for the occasion, as well as a huge wooden version of the Morro Bay puzzle, which Eric presented to the City. The huge wooden puzzle features many Morro Bay citizens and businesses, each of whom was invited to fit their special piece into the puzzle.

The event was well attended. Live music was provided by The White Caps Community Band. Morro Bay Beautiful members directed parking and handled the sale of puzzles and puzzle image related art. Morro Bay Senior Citizens served cake while Morro Bay Rotary added ice cream. The Morro Bay Lions Club provided event decorations. We can’t say Thank You enough to all these organizations and their volunteers. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

And to all who asked if they could help, thank you also, but we had way enough help. What a pleasure to work with such a caring community!!

Ann Reisner
Morro Bay Beautiful, morrobaybeautiful.com

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