Ban Fireworks

Beginning on Friday, July 3rd and continuing thru Monday morning July 6th there were many, many loud bangs from fireworks explosions, including some aerial displays. This was the worst 4th of July private fireworks activity I have encountered in the 40+ years residing here.

I am aware that Morro Bay has an ordinance that allows “safe and sane” fireworks, however it seems impossible to enforce infractions of this law because of the instantaneous nature and multiple locations of the explosions. If citing a law-breaker is dependent on a policeman actually catching someone in the act, then the law is surely hollow and NOT ENFORCEABLE.

As we all are aware, fireworks are frightening and disruptive to our pets and to wildlife and birds, inappropriate for a City that is a Bird Sanctuary. Dogs are often so terrorized by the explosions that they run away to become lost or worse – being hit by a vehicle.

Since the City allows some (so-called “safe and sane”) fireworks, it can be perceived by persons wanting to use illegal fireworks, as an excuse, that they misconstrued the law or thought all fireworks are okay in Morro Bay, especially by visitors unfamiliar with the ordinance exceptions or unaware of it’s existence.


As occurs in other communities, large signs banning all fireworks in this City should be conspicuously posted at each of the entrances to Morro Bay.

Past public discussion on this subject saw a majority favoring a ban on all fireworks—period.

The justification for a confusing and ineffective partial ban on fireworks instead is unclear.

Give us, our pets and the wildlife we treasure peace and safety during our annual Independence Day celebration. VOTE A PROHIBITION ON ALL FIREWORKS! 

Nancy Bast
Morro Bay

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