Morro Bay Should be Community Service District

As we all know, many cities throughout the country, including Morro Bay, have been hit hard in terms of loss of revenue, due to the coronavirus. Business closures and limited tourism have significantly reduced tax revenue which many cities like Morro Bay rely on to fund city services, as well as employee payroll.  Add to this, the knowledge that city employee pensions are greatly under funded, and Morro Bay is now looking at years of red ink beginning in the very near future.

I may be in the minority on this issue, as I sometimes am, but I sincerely hope that these revenue shortfalls lead to Morro Bay going bankrupt and reverting to a Community Service District (CSD) like Los Osos and Cayucos.  Why would this be good for the citizens of Morro Bay?  Because it would allow us to do away with our city government, including four of our very corrupt and morally bankrupt city council members, mayor John Headding, Marlys McPherson, Red Davis and Dawn Addis, along with the very corrupt city manager, Scott Collins, who accepted a $189,000.00 annual bribe in exchange for lying to the public and the press.

These five members of the city government turned their backs on the citizens of Morro Bay, ignoring their best interests and pushing forward on the very unaffordable and unnecessary city sewer project, which is costing close to 100 million dollars more that the original project, which was designed years ago and could have already been up and running on the abandoned Hanson Concrete Plant property.  Reverting to a CSD would most likely allow us to retain our law enforcement office, which would become a sheriff’s substation, and our fire department, which would also go under county control.  We would likely see little to no reduction in services, while saving a great deal of money and better serving the citizens of our community.

It is time to wrestle control of the city away from the government officials who abandoned the needs and wants of the people they were elected to serve, particularly the low income people and elderly people on a fixed income, who they literally threw under the financial bus. We can hopefully do better with a new group of officials who will look out for the best interests of the citizens of Morro Bay. We can hardly do worse.  

Mark C. Hanson
Morro Bay, CA           

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