City Not Protecting Residents

Honorable Mayor: It has been my observation that as our town experiences the increasing surge of out-of-the-area visitors, many do not wear masks in our local businesses, including shops, restaurants, and large and small food stores.

State guidelines now mandate ALL persons SHALL wear masks in public areas and in businesses. There has been NO EFFORT on the part of the City of Morro Bay to enforce these rules on behalf of our businesses or citizens.

This puts the burden of enforcement on the backs of the business owners and their employees.

Such a situation not only is uncomfortable for the employees and owners to attempt to enforce the rule, it is viewed by them as a risky situation to attempt to do so, as evidenced by rude, sometimes violent behavior of people defying the rule.

This appears to demonstrate that the City merely pays lip service to good intentions, as well as a disingenuous form of “pro business” attitude.

We have police cadets who could perform such a service, as well as citizen volunteers who could be sanctioned by the City to assist businesses in keeping their employees and customers safe.

To not do so could, in a legal sense, constitute misfeasance/malfeasance on the part of City Staff and elected officials, and expose those individuals and the City to various forms of litigation.

If it is truly our intent to end the lock-down for good, it is time for you to step up and ACT on behalf of our business community and your constituents.

Jeff Odell

50-year Morro Bay resident
Former council member

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