Columbus Sign is Offensive

On the corner of Santa Maria and 3rd Street in Los Osos, the Baywood Plaza displays a picture of Christopher Columbus’ three ships. Indigenous people and many others have extensively documented the fact that Columbus committed genocide. Harvard historian Samuel Eliot Morison concluded: “The cruel policy initiated by Columbus resulted in complete genocide.”

For example:

While he was governor of what is now the Dominican Republic, Columbus killed many natives in response to their revolt. To prevent further rebellion, he paraded their dead bodies through the streets.

In Haiti he captured 1500 Arawak people to force them to find gold. When they didn’t meet their quotas, he cut off their hands and they bled to death.

The Baywood Plaza sign is as offensive as the Confederate flag and the swastika. Why is it on our streets?

Alice Welchert

Los Osos

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