Thank You Los Osos! We Are Celebrating, Again!

Celebrate Los Osos has very caring and generous supporters, and we are grateful to you! Because of your generosity in our Unity in the Community fundraiser on October 3 we will be able to both fix the damages to the median caused by the alleged drunk driver AND buy new chairs for the Red Barn!

Now a very generous Celebrate Los Osos Board of Director member, who prefers to remain anonymous, has donated the fee for Celebrate Los Osos to be the Main Stage Sponsor at Oktoberfest. He said he wanted to create more visibility for our organization and for “the community to celebrate the ongoing work of our organization with music and voice!”     

Thank you to our anonymous contributor, and always to our super community! It does take a village!

This week volunteers will be beginning the process of seal coating for the large redwood “welcome to Los Osos-Baywood” sign along Los Osos Valley Road. The South Bay Blvd. sign will be next in mid-November.

For information about Celebrate Los Osos see:

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