Don’t be so Selfish

Regarding the recent complaints on this editorial page about the State Park Road closure:  It’s hard to see how a minor inconvenience traveling to a restaurant occasionally should outweigh the ability of people who live nearby to enjoy safe, daily recreational opportunities within walking distance. 

The out-of-town, unmasked hoards have rendered the Embarcadero unusable much of the time by locals adhering to safe Covid practices.  So, Greg King thinks we should drive 10+ miles to Montano de Oro, instead of using the park next door, in order to make his drives to Morro Bay a few minutes shorter.  Shelby Rinck’s mention of “27 stop signs on Morro Bay Boulevard” is a ridiculous exaggeration, and they can easily be avoided. 
The two of them would rather burden the people who actually live here to save themselves a few minutes.  That’s a pretty selfish attitude.
Susan Schneider
Morro Bay

Editors note: State Park Road reopened on Sept. 19, but that could be temporary depending on the future of the pandemic.

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