Don’t Cancel Freeway Projects

Since the California Freeway and Expressway System that was developed in 1959, along with the Interstate Highway System in 1956, there has been proposed freeway projects that were cancelled in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  The most important link of the Interstate 710 (old California state route 7 and 15) known as the Long Beach Freeway from Alhambra to Pasadena recently got cancelled with a 6.3 mile tunnel.  Along with 2013 cancellation of the Foothill Transportation Corridor which is a tollway, known as California state route 241 from the OCTA. 

For years these links in the Los Angeles Freeway System, became cancelled because of NIMBY, Not In My Backyard, for residents who didn’t want the projects finished. This included the Santa Paula Freeway extension from the Golden State Freeway, Interstate 5 (Old U.S. 99) to the Antelope Valley Freeway, California state route 126 where I used to live in the Santa Clarita Valley, many years ago. In closing these important freeways and toll way would of helped the transportation for the first largest urban area in California, and the people who live there.

Scott C. Presnal, Morro Bay

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