Give Me a Break

Because someone, somewhere didn’t agree with everything Newsom did during a global pandemic, it is going to cost us hundreds of millions of dollars to maybe get him out of office just a little sooner than if we had a normal election cycle.
Ok, got it.
Now, let’s take a look at who thinks they can do a better job with one of the biggest states with one of the largest economies. We have a hairstylist, father, pastor, retail store worker, mother, cannabis advisor, entertainer, mechanic and a college student, to just name a few. We need a Johnson Rod adjuster, fairy dust collector and a chocaholic to round this out.
No one politician is perfect, especially during one of the most difficult times in our lifetime, yet some people think the answer is to just get rid of him and try some other idiot.
It is amazing to me that what use to be a system that wasn’t perfect, but worked, is just no longer a reality. Vote, someone wins, someone loses. If you don’t agree with them, wait and vote again next election time. Wow, what a concept.

J. Fillmore III
Los Osos

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