Graffiti Incident is a Teaching Moment

Regarding the Page 1 story about graffiti removal at the South Bay Community Center (Vol. 5 Issue 19). First of all, a big THANK YOU to the couple who acted so swiftly to contact the sheriff and stop more damage from the graffiti incident. And thank you so much to the community volunteers who rallied to mitigate that damage. 

I agree with Mr. Katayama that it would be even better if some or all of those youth participated in the repair. Or perhaps there could be more tasks they could do at the Community Center. 

This was and will continue to be a teaching moment. In many Native American tribes, restorative justice connects everyone in the community, so that those who create damage come to appreciate the effect of their actions on the community as a whole. That concept is now gaining traction in our court system. Engaging kids with the community members who treasure and benefit from the Community Center could be a win-win for us all.

Gretchen Clark

Los Osos

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