No to NOAA Proposal

I absolutely, enthusiastically agree with Paul Gallo’s letter (Vol. 5 Issue 19) regarding NOAA’s proposal to change the boundary lines of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. This alternative map is appalling.

First off, I am absolutely in favor of the sanctuary as originally proposed, in which the northern boundary would abut the southern boundary of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. 

However, this boundary “alternative” would be disastrous for the fragile ecosystem, not the least of which is the marine life that is abundant in the proposed NOAA “channel.”

The logic behind redrawing the northern boundary to accommodate an industrial zone (wind farm) in the area of the coast which precisely NEEDS protection is unfathomable. Yet NOAA acknowledges that that is the reason for its proposal.

Let me reiterate: The region of coastline and ocean MOST in need of protection is exactly the area that NOAA is prepared to sacrifice for expediency.

I also have contacted Supervisor Gibson’s office and urged him to submit a comment regarding this proposal to the agency.

If allowed to be enacted, this proposal would have egregious consequences for the north coast that could never be undone.

Janelle Schneider


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