Grateful for the Dollar Store

COVID-19 has changed many things that we have to deal with every day, but sometimes it is good to look at and concentrate on the many good things that we still enjoy every day. One of the things that I enjoy and am grateful for is:

The Dollar Store (poem by Ybi)
We come from all over, rich or poor,
To fill a need at the Dollar Store
And carry it out by foot or by bike,
When we have no money for gas.

We count the pennies, while shopping there,
And carefully buy what we need.
Some pass by the items they would like to buy
For the cat or the dog they must feed.

We need so little to stay alive
When we live like a bird in the field
But the sun still shines for everyone
And we learn what a dollar will yield.

We look with joy at the items we find
And them up in our cart.
We leave the money at the check stand
And find it not hard to part.

Then, when we leave the Dollar Store,
We feel we have found a friend.
For what can you buy anywhere else,
If you just have a dollar to spend?
Y. Van Ekeren
Los Osos

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