The Bible is Not Science

I chortled over the recent letter from Scott Presnal (Letters, Vol. 3, Issue 14), which I happened to read on a recent visit from Fresno to your charming burg. Mr. Presnal claimed to be fascinated by earth science and geologic history, while simultaneously believing that the universe is only 6000 years old. Thankfully, he does not appear to have ever been an educator.

Mr. Presnal has chosen to buy into a fairy tale, and even spoke of mountains ceasing to exist during the upcoming “tribulation period.” Using the bible as a science book makes as much sense as using “The Lord of the Rings” as a history book. They are both fantasy books, with the bible featuring various talking things like snakes and donkeys, not to mention witches and a whale that swallows people. And, as we all know, the bible condones the owning of people. And, let’s not forget the sun “standing still” for a day.

My fervent “prayer” is that Mr. Presnal will magically awaken and come to his senses and finally start to absorb some of that geology that he claims to be fascinated by, rather than the pixie dust that his pastor has been giving him to snort.

Jeffrey W. Eisinger

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