Impeachment Letter Not Representative

During a Jan. 14 Special Meeting, the Morro Bay City Council, in a reported 5-0 vote, decided to send a letter on City letterhead to the United States Congressmen and Senators representing the citizens of Morro Bay.
That letter, dated Jan. 21, calls for the removal from office of President Trump, the impeachment of Donald Trump, and the barring of Donald Trump from holding public office again.
Ironically, the second paragraph of the letter states in part, “Our democracy belongs to the people and we all – Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and members of other political parties must strive to protect it.”
Did the Council poll Morro Bay Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and members of other political parties prior to issuing their letter? They did not.
The letter being sent on City letterhead implies it represents all citizens of Morro Bay. It does not.
Council is reminded again, as it must be all too often, that its deliberations and actions must represent all citizens of Morro Bay, and that Council’s ideology has no place in that representation.
Sending the letter clearly proves that Morro Bay citizens do not have equal representation under this City Council.
Also, it proves that this City Council is willing to involve itself in national controversy, which is inappropriate and outside its mandate.
Simply put, the Morro Bay City Council did not have the right or the authority to send such a letter to Washington, D.C., much less use citizen taxpayer funds to do so.
Apparently, it is necessary to once again remind Council of the many issues facing the very existence of Morro Bay as a city, as well as the pressing needs of its citizens; issues which are the sole responsibility of Council.
Council is advised to stick to the work it was elected to do.

Ron Reisner,
Morro Bay

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