Let Me Explain how it Works

Let’s go back to November 2016. Trump won the election, not the popular vote, but the electoral college. In January, 2017 he was sworn in. We wished him well, hoped he would do a good job and not screw things up.
Fast forward four years. Well, he did screw up, several times and got impeached, not once but twice. Now it’s November 2020 and Biden has won both the popular vote and the electoral college. Then, in January he was sworn in. We wish him well, hope he does a good job and that he doesn’t screw up. Within days of that we see “Impeach Biden” all over social media.
How pathetic can people be? The man hasn’t been in office for a month and people want him out. That’s not how this works.
This is how it works: we voted him in, if he screws up really bad, I mean breaks the law, then we impeach him. If he does a bad job, and we don’t like what he is doing, in 2024, vote him out and hope the next person does well and doesn’t screw up and then we go on.
I am not making this stuff up. It is actually written down somewhere, I think it’s called the United States Constitution.
It’s OK to voice your opinion and wish that your candidate had won, but to go against the majority of the people and stop doing what the constitution has laid out for us is treason and un-American, in my view. Time to grow up, grow a pair and put our country first. Baring anything illegal, see you in four years and we’ll do this again.
J. Fillmore III
Los Osos

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