Improve Beach Access in Morro Bay

I welcomed Glenn Mitchell’s, American Kitefliers Association member, letter to the editor dated June 15 – June 28, 2023, addressing how the young and old struggle to get the beaches from the parking lots in Morro Bay. 

We visit Morro Bay several times a year as we share a beach home with other folks close to San Jacinto. The beach access close to this location has always been a huge struggle. Through the years to trek with all the grandkids and “stuff” was a nightmare. Now, with my husband using a cane the trek is impossible. 

Is it possible to construct some type of sidewalk or boardwalk that extends out to the beach front that could assist in this issue?  I realize costs, correct materials, maintenance, etc., can be roadblocks.  I am in hope that the City of Morro Bay can overcome any roadblocks to correct the “beach block” struggle for the young and old.

Sally Rowden

Madera, California 

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