Petition Seeks Wildlife ‘Bridge’ on South Bay

As anyone knows who drives between Los Osos and Morro Bay, or visits the State Parks and Montaña de Oro, we lose a lot of creatures trying to cross this busy road.

With the large expanse on either side, the toll on South Bay Boulevard is staggering and takes a toll on the biodiversity of our newly designated Marine Protected Area adjacent to the roadway.

And finally, an opportunity has presented itself to build our own wildlife bridge, which by virtue of trail-cams, have been proven successful worldwide. There are several opportunities here, and one of them is the opportunity to ensure the integrity of the area next to the Boulevard, which has been designated a State Marine Reserve under the Marine Life Protection Act.

This area enjoys a “No-Take” provision, where killing or disturbing biological resources is strictly prohibited.

Such a wildlife crossing would greatly increase the likelihood of our Marine Protected Area meeting the goals set forth in the Marine Life Protection Act. Another opportunity that has arisen is the ability, as a so-called “Energy Community” for us to have the much-needed project funded under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Another source of funding is the Land and Water Conservation Fund. State Senator Laird and Congressman Carbajal are the subject of a community petition seeking this wildlife crossing to be built, and the timing seems right.

There is a new bridge for traffic already in the works (over Los Osos Creek) and these goals would meld seamlessly.

Please support this great project for our children, wildlife, and State Marine Reserve in beautiful Morro Bay Estuary.

Joseph John Racano

Los Osos

Editor’s note: the Internet address where the petition supporting a wildlife bridge on South Bay Boulevard can be found is :

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