Local Postal Workers Need Masks

My husband is a letter carrier for the USPS here on the Central Coast. The Postal Service has made several changes to comply with ever-changing CDC guidelines, including how they interact with customers, sanitation, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Our community has responded and been very supportive of these changes and the mail continues to go through.

While gloves and facemasks have been made available by the USPS to employees who request them, the new CDC suggestions to wear masks could increase voluntary use by employees. As we all keep our needed distance at this time, essential services are continuing five, six, or seven days a week, often at long hours. Anyone in the community willing to assist in creating cloth masks for postal employees or other essential workers, please make sure you do so in the safest of ways: washing your hands, sanitizing materials, and wearing your own mask when making them. You can look to Facebook groups like “Support Los Osos” for further assistance in coordinating your efforts. Feel free to message me directly on Facebook too!

We are in this together, working safely today for a healthier tomorrow. Postal employees are challenged at this moment as are all families, but they want to continue to safely serve our community. A big thank you to those who have already been donating your time, materials, and sewing talents to help our essential workers.
In unity, Stephanie Calbreath
Los Osos

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