Los Osos Chamber Recognizes Light Winners

Well, well, well, aren’t we just a bunch of stellar decorators in Los Osos! The Los Osos/Baywood Park Chamber would like to extend a massive thank you to all the incredible individuals who went above and beyond. You all truly rocked our world this Holiday Season! A massive round of applause to everyone who participated in “Light Up Los Osos.” We couldn’t be more grateful for your dedication to spreading holiday cheer.

Now, let’s give a big high-five to the winners of our chamber’s contest. Drumroll, please! The “Community Pick” award goes to none other than the magnificent display at 1661 18th street. Not only did that block win the prestigious “Best Block Award”, but it also became the ultimate eye candy for all the lucky travelers on South Bay Blvd. Trust me, those impressive decorations were like a magnet, attracting everyone within a 5-mile radius. Pure magic, we tell ya! If our town had an Olympic team for festive decorations, these guys would be taking home the gold. With all the dazzling displays of lights at 1785 13th Street it was deemed the “Best Residential.” It was the crème de la crème of residential light shows. With lights that could blind you with their brilliance, action that could rival a Hollywood blockbuster, and a radio connection that could make Marconi himself blush, this address clearly knows how to keep the neighborhood buzzing. And let us not forget the “Honorable Mentions,” those entries that dared to go above and beyond the ordinary, injecting life and excitement into their humble abodes. 2376 Palisades Ave, 872 Highland Dr, 1790 11th Street, and 1238 1st Street bravo, our illuminated friends, bravo! And a very special shoutout to 1238 1st Street for being our very first Baywood entry!

We really want to thank the über generous pizzerias for donating gift cards – they definitely know how to spread the holiday cheer. The winners of the Light Up Los Osos contest hit the jackpot! Not only did they get some fancy certificates from the Chamber, but they also scored themselves a gift certificate to either Brightside Pizza or Central Coast Pizza. Talk about a tasty reward!

Even though some well-decorated houses didn’t officially join the contest, we want to give them a high-five for lighting up our town and remind them to hop on the competition train next year. We appreciate each and every one of you!

Our 2023 Light Up Los Osos Winners are:

• Community Vote – 1661 18th Street

• Best Residential – 1785 13th Street

• Best Block – 1600 Block of 18th Street

• Honorable Mentions – 2376 Palisades Ave, 872 Highland Dr, 1790 11th Street, and 1238 1st Street

• Best Business – No business entered but a special shout out to the businesses on LOVR that decorated so beautifully!

The 2024 Light Up Los Osos extravaganza could truly be a spectacle for the ages. With dazzling lights and stunning displays, Los Osos/Baywood Park will shine brighter than ever before. Get ready to be wowed next holiday season. Keep shining bright, Los Osos/ Baywood Park!

Alyssa Petersen

Los Osos Chamber

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