Vote Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As a mother and grandmother, I share Cynthia Hawley’s concerns about the upcoming Presidential election, as stated in her letter “New Candidates Needed” (Estero Bay News 12-14-2023), and I am writing to share some excellent news. In reality, there is a third option!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a once-in-a-generation leader who has stepped up to run out of love for our country and a  strong sense of duty. He’s had a long and successful career as an environmental attorney, suing and winning cases against some of the worst corporate polluters, such as Monsanto and their toxic weedkiller, Roundup, as well as General Electric and DuPont. At 69, Kennedy has never held elective office, yet his understanding of the workings of government and diplomacy is as deep as any career politician. I am thrilled that I finally get to vote for someone I believe in, and not just the least bad option!

Nattalia K. Merzoyan
Morro Bay

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