Los Osos ResidentsInvited to Help Plan a Safer LOVR

San Luis Obispo County is inviting residents of Los Osos to comment on-line on how Los Osos Valley Rd (LOVR) can be made safer and offer improved paths for biking and walking. A study is underway that will also determine the look and amenities along the 15 mile corridor that stretches from Foothill Blvd west through Los Osos and to the entrance of Montana de Oro State Park.

Called the Los Osos Valley Road Corridor Concept Plan, commenting is easy by going to the study website at 


At the site you can also find information about the study.  There are two ways to leave information.  1) on the interactive map at the specific location 2) By taking the survey.

The Los Osos Valley Road Corridor has been the subject of multiple planning efforts over the years. The County says as a result of the study, earlier planning efforts will be consolidated with this plan that will go to the Board of Supervisors by next summer and lead to funding to build the improvements. Commenting will be welcome now over several months.

The chance to make improvements on LOVR comes after several bad accidents along the corridor in the past weeks with major injuries. While traffic safety is a top concern, the study welcomes discussion of making the corridor safer for bike riding and easier and safer for pedestrians including school children and families. Comments on amenities along the corridor including possible landscaping and the look of the roadscape.

A community meeting will be held in September. The County hopes to have a draft of the plan ready by spring.

The best chance to make detailed comments about specific locations along the corridor comes by accessing the interactive map on-line. Here you can detail and aim your comments not just about a certain location but relate them to either traffic, biking, pedestrian or other concerns like equestrian issues.

Taking the quick survey allows you to sound off on all aspects of the conceptual plan.

The County says The Los Osos Valley Road Corridor Concept Plan will remain as a conceptual design tool to facilitate corridor improvements in preparation of capital project delivery. The County will serve as the Lead Agency, in cooperation with SLOCOG, on implementation of this plan.

Visit the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the website page if you would like to provide additional feedback.

Contact the county: 

Address 976 Osos St, Room 207, 

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Email jhudson@co.slo.ca.us

Phone (805) 781-4309

John Lindt

Los Osos

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