Celebrating 75 Years of Caring for Cayucos

The Cayucos Lions Club would like to introduce ourselves and let you know who we are and what we do and why we do it and how you can be part of it all. Even if you are not a full-time resident, your family comes to Cayucos because of the simpler, unhurried lifestyle and the friendliness. The Cayucos Lions are one of the reasons that makes Cayucos a special town. 

Chartered in 1948, the Cayucos Lions are a local group of men who come together socially and to do good things for our community in a quiet and humble way. We are proud of this town. And we take care of it. Our motto is “WE SERVE”. The Cayucos Lions is our local chapter of an international organization.

Our membership stands at 44 members, comprised mainly of local guys, but our members also include men from Templeton, San Luis, Morro Bay, and surrounding areas. Everyone belongs to the club because they love Cayucos (and our famous BBQ).  In the last 6 months four new members have joined.

We meet monthly for a great BBQ dinner meeting, have a few drinks and a lot of laughs, we plan activities and events to benefit the town, and we have fun doing it. Everybody has the daily pressure and time constraints of family and living in a complex, fast paced world, and service clubs like the Lions have seen membership decline as a result. But if there ever was a time that a club like the Lions was needed—it is now. True community and harmony do not happen on their own; they are built by involvement. Setting example for our children and others by doing good civic work is vital and important for wherever you live.

The Cayucos Lions invites you to check out our club We would love to have you attend a dinner meeting as our guest and get to know us. Just email us at                                              cayucoslionsmembership@gmail.com

and we will fill you in with the details. Both Cambria and Morro Bay have chapters as well—they do the same kind of important work and welcome all good men and women.

Just to give you an idea of the types of good things the Cayucos Lions do, here is a short list of what we are involved with:

• We organize and host the annual Independence Day Parade on July 4th

• We host the Cayucos Car Show BBQ in November and serve over 600 full Santa Maria-style BBQ dinners to the town

• We award up to $10K every year to local high school students who are planning on attending a trade school or college

• We support Cayucos Elementary School with events like the Flag Day Celebration and Speech Contest

• We take care of Highway 1 every month by picking  up litter in the Adopt-a-Highway Program

• We’ve helped purchase playground equipment for the beach, we maintain the beautiful Plaza area at the entrance to the pier, we purchased defibrillators for our churches, school, and fire department, we have worked hard to get the Veteran’s Hall restoration project underway.

Being a member of the Cayucos Lions doesn’t require a lot of time or effort; it is rewarding to be part of something meaningful; and we hope you will consider being part of our ongoing 75-year tradition!

Phil Kiesewetter

Cayucos Lions Club

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