Museum Meanderings

As I watched the San Salvador leave MB today, I had this crazy idea:

A metal superstructure around the stacks in the shape of a Spanish Galleon with the entire facility becoming a California history museum.  If the design “gesture” of the metal superstructure were creative enough, it could become as famous as any major museum design in the world. See my drawing.

It could cover California’s pre-history, Indigenous era, Spanish era, Mexican era, US era

maritime history, agricultural history, technological history and more.

In addition to the superstructure, we would paint a one foot wide yellow dashed stripe down the center of the site aligning with the southern edge of the Rancho San Bernardo land grant, which runs from essentially smack in the middle of the site southwesterly through Morro Bay. On the north side of this line, we would paint “Northern California.” On the southern side of this line, we would paint “Southern California.” Maybe changing the pavement styles on either side.  Thus. creating the Instagram photo location.

Blah blah blah…

First get two hundred million, then …

Eric Meyer
Morro Bay

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