Out of Facebook Jail

Back at the end of the summer of 2020, into most of September 2020, I was put in “Facebook Jail” not violating the terms of the agreement or for political or religious reasons to only have my First Amendment free speech limited by their conduct. 

My weather station office and service in Morro Bay, California vs. Facebook prevented me from posting and commenting on my Cheshire Weather Bureau Weather Station Office and Service, including long-range forecasts from the Climate Prediction Center and my own “The Meteorological Dispatch” and “Future Weather Trends” newsletters. In closing, I felt violated as a Christian and human being with Asperger’s Autism that came into that period, and I don’t know why Facebook did that to me, to begin with. I am glad that is over with me, to tell anyone the truth honestly.

Scott C. Presnal
Morro Bay

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