Residential, Dead End & Bike Lane – Pick One and Slow Down

I can only image that this message is falling on deaf ears. Small street, no curbs, not the greatest parking and some people feel the need to speed. I’m like the grumpy old man yelling “get off my lawn,” but it’s getting out of hand. I cornered someone and said, “how would you like it if I hauled butt up and down your street,” the said they wouldn’t like it at all. All I could do is say “Duh.”

Even driving downtown Los Osos, trying to pull out of the store and they are doing 50 mph. and I’m looking at a speed limit sign that reads 25 mph.

I feel that it is just plain repect for others that makes us drive slower, or a least the speed limit. I see these high speed chases in LA and all that goes through my mind is, just take them out. Rant over.

J. Fillmore III
Los Osos

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