Take the Driving Quiz

A fun pop quiz for folks who live in Morro Bay View neighborhood or visit.
When driving down or up Radcliffe or any of the residential streets, what do you think is the appropriate speed?

A. 45 MPH

B.   25 MPH

OR C. Whatever I feel like driving at the moment, pedestrians can watch out for me.

When making a left-hand turn from Main Street to Radcliffe, is it appropriate to cross over the double yellow line?

A. Yes, I am in a hurry and the person approaching in the opposite lane can brake for me and the pedestrian that is still in the crosswalk better hurry.

 B. No I should stay in my lane and take the turn safely.

C. Who cares?

And finally, when I am turning off of Radcliffe to one of the residential streets I should

A. Take the turn safely and look to make sure there are no kids etc. in the street.

B. I should accelerate as I am making my turn.

C. I should make a wide turn and come towards any oncoming cars.

Hopefully the correct speed and behavior is obvious, however lately I have observed it is not so obvious.

Let’s be good drivers and good neighbors.
Michelle Cobbs
Morro Bay

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