The Age of Hypocrisy

We have fully entered the Age of Hypocrisy, not the eagerly anticipated Age of Aquarius, not a new Age of Reason, not a new science-based Age of Technology; but a new Dark Age, one punctuated by extreme polarity and divisiveness. 

Look at the last three years; absolute and unequivocal indicators of this sad fact. What has prompted me to claim this? The most recent bruhaha over abortion rights and women’s right to exercise the ultimate and undeniable freedom of body sovereignty. Both sides of the issue claim the other to be unreasonable and hypocritical, and both sides are right without a doubt! Neither side interested in seeing their own lack of consistency in drawing intellectual and reasonable conclusions. 

One side; let’s call them the anti-choice groupies, loudly proclaiming that women do not have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to have an abortion, yet bullying folks who choose to mask up and vaccinate. On the other hand, the pro-choice activists vehemently insisting on women’s right to choose what is ultimately best for their own wellbeing in the form of abortion rights, yet many of these same folks adamantly and obtrusively (at times quite cruelly) insisting that all people, against their own choice, be vaccinated and wear masks in public or loose basic human rights.  

Body sovereignty is the most basic of all human freedoms! You cannot advocate for it on one hand and deny it on the other!! Neither side is right. Neither side understands what is truly at stake. If we lose this basic freedom, all else will crumble in its wake. There is no logical excuse for this kind of hypocrisy. Please don’t let the Age of Hypocrisy usher in the Totalitarian Dream. We will all suffer from this kind of close-minded, divisive behavior. Live and let Live! 

Mandy Davis 

Los Osos

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