Watch for M.B. Government Changes

I’m writing to inform you about some recent developments in Morro Bay City government.  I thought the community might want to know what is taking place.

The City is in the process of updating the local zoning codes.  A significant new change includes allowing accessory structures up to 120 square ft. and less than 8 ft. in height to be built without any consideration of setbacks at lateral and front lot lines and without any input from neighbors.  Currently this is not allowed.

Additionally, the City has stopped publishing electronic correspondence from citizens to the rest of the community as it has in the past.  This has the effect of suppressing and limiting community input and involvement in the decisions that are being made by the council and advisory boards.  They say they are doing this out of an abundance of caution to be in compliance with the Brown Act but it seems that the logic is missing in the policy. 

Ryan Garcia
Morro Bay

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