Give Coastal Access Back

As a lifelong Los Osian, I am dismayed to see that access to a beloved coastal access location, the Pecho Road Bayside Land and Public Easement Trail, has been blocked by the new owners who recently purchased that parcel. That land is not able to be developed because it is in a tidal flood zone. 

I understand that people should be able to do as they please on their own property, but this is an epic trail that hugs the back bay, and not only hosts us humans who love and take very good care of it, it is also a major artery for the greatly varied species of wildlife whom we are lucky enough to share it with. Creating new and different access to the back bay in order to circumvent its blocked access would create unnecessary harm to the established landscape and its wildlife inhabitants. 

I implore the new owners to please find a way to maintain the trail for this community so that we may continue to enjoy a truly magical space. Thank you, 

Linda Martin
Los Osos

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