WRF Has Runaway Cost Overruns

The cost of Morro Bay’s sewer plant has run away. The Council just approved 26 change orders for $6 million.

To Morro Bay Mayor Dr. John Headding and Council members Red Davis and Marlys McPherson:

In case you have forgotten, there was a written proposal 3-years ago to build a WRF using a design that was already proven and would have had a firm, lower cost.

The proposal was an alternative to the Design-Build process you are now using and it would have saved at least $40 million.

This firm had constructed numerous similar facilities for cities larger than ours and their design was proven.

Now the D-B contractor and our project manager are using our money to “learn by doing” to come up with a custom design, which has just had 26 change orders and an increase of $6 million!

Even with the lower interest rates we may enjoy from WIFIA (federal) loan, this custom monstrosity will be the legacy of this council.

I am disappointed in how your actions have hurt our community.

Please consider not running for election again.
Barry Branin,
Morro Bay

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