Why Aren’t Gun Ranges Open?

Everything is starting to open with restrictions, I get it and I am okay with it—6-feet apart, wear a mask, be safe.

In today’s world, being what it is, gun sales have reached an all time high with nowhere to go to use them safely. I’m sure I don’t have to explain the 2nd amendment to anyone, we all know what it means. People are buying firearms everyday with no place to go practice and or learn how to use them.

If you have ever been to the gun range on Hwy. 1, you know that you already have to be in a safe space. The way a shooting range is designed, there is distance between each area, and it is outside which would prevents people from being in a crowded area. Why is it not open?

I understand that Fish and Game oversee the property, but it is run by a group of people who do the day to day operations of the range. Why is it not open?

I can’t seem to get any answers, I hope someone can for me.
Jack Fillmore III
Los Osos

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